Monday, January 26, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (01/28/2009)

On what is probably the biggest Wednesday that I've looked forward to for quite a while....I had to change my work schedule due to meetings and I may not get to the comic shop until Friday!!!!!! Oh well, we'll see what happens, if the stars align properly I may be able to be by the shop when it opens on Wednesday. Click below for the comics for this week :

DC Comics

Batman #685 - Continuing the Catwoman vs. Hush story from Detective Comics. This has been good so far, but anything is better than that Denny O'Neil disappointment.

Faces of Evil : Kobra - So far, the other Faces of Evil one-shots have been decent so I'll give this a shot. I honestly don't know much about Kobra except for some appearances in Checkmate so I'm definitely interested if they are planning to bring Kobra back as a serious threat.

Final Crisis #7 - Can't wait for the conclusion of this, this has been an awesome event...not for everyone, but I have most definitely enjoyed it. Expect a big FC wrap-up sometime in the next week or so.

Final Crisis : Revelations #5 - Strange, Diamond doesn't list this as released but DC does. Anyway, this has been the most relevant of the tie-ins (besides Beyond).

Justice Society of America #23 - Black Adam, Black Adam, Black Adam, Black Adam! (Did I mention that Black Adam is back?)

Superman #684 - New Krypton was slipping a bit for me and now after what happened at the end, I'm interested again.

Wonder Woman #28 - Not the nest book DC puts out, but it is consistently decent and not alot of books can say that lately.

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