Sunday, July 25, 2010

Advance Movie Review - Batman : Under the Red Hood

When DC had announced a while back that the next Direct to DVD animated release would be based on Judd Winnick’s controversial Under the Hood story in Batman, many fans let out a collective “What?” I’m honestly a fan of this story and Winnick’s work in general so I’m a little biased but I recently had an opportunity to check out the animated version and I have to say….it is pretty awesome. You can purchase it on Blu-Ray and DVD this Tuesday, July 27th.  There may be spoilers below if you haven’t read the story or seen the movie so beware. Click below for more:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Comic Reviews - 7/14/2010

This was a decent week, but a little light which allowed me to pick up a few books that I normally wouldn’t have if the big companies had more releases. What happened? Well…..

Superman takes a stroll through my hometown and has a Philly Cheese Steak, Bruce Wayne fills in some blanks for us, Comic Book Guy meets his nemesis, Jane Wiedlin gets abducted by Colt 45 drinking aliens, Oracle gets kidnapped, Rocket Red joins the JLI, Batgirl gets a new partner and Iron Man meets Detroit Steel face to face….or rather helmet to helmet. Also, this week I was referred to as a “Cooke Whore” while picking up the prelude to Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit. I’ve definitely been called worse, and I will pretty much buy anything that he publishes :-)

Want more? Click below:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 7/14/2010

Not much to say but......New Comic Book Day!  Click below for this week's books :

First Impressions Quick Reviews – 7/8/2010

Quite a stack of comics this past week as the 4th of July holiday pushed New Comic Book Day to Thursday. I’m playing with some new formats for reviews so here is my, now combined, First Impressions and Quick Reviews for this week, with a record 3 Marvel books! It would have been four but my shop was out of the Fantastic Four Annual. Check back later for a full review of Batman & Robin #13, but here is the breakdown of the rest.

What happened? Well….

Dick Grayson and Tim Drake make some Brady Bunch jokes, the GI Joe team finds a huge (literally) lead in their hunt for the elusive COBRA organization, Daredevil gets a new bad-ass costume along with some bad-ass ninja and a bad-ass attitude, Aquaman finds out a secret about Mera, Steve Rogers re-enacts a scene from True Lies, the X-Men get ready to face off against the undead, Neal Adams disappoints in a huge way, Robin turns the crowbar on the Joker and the Plutonian finally catches up with his old pals in Irredeemable.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Superman / Batman : Apocalypse Trailer

During my usual nerd-news rounds this morning I came across this on YouTube :

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednes…damn, Thursday - 7/8/2010

With the 4th of July holiday falling at the beginning of the week, comics in the US will arrive on Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday. I won’t be able to get to the shop until Friday, so regular posting will be delayed. Here’s what I plan on checking out this week :

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Comic Review - Wonder Woman #600

I've decided to change up my review style a bit.  Instead of reviewing every book every week, which takes up more time than I have right now, I'll be picking the best (and sometimes worst) books of the week to review.  What better book to begin with than this week's Wonder Woman #600 :

First Impressions - 6/30/2010

Yet another solid week for this comic enthusiast. Here are my first thoughts after reading these books in the order that I checked them out: