Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 7/14/2010

Not much to say but......New Comic Book Day!  Click below for this week's books :

Marvel Comics

Daredevil #508 – I’ve recently caught up on Daredevil from issue 500 and I’m hooked. Last week’s Shadowland #1 was really good and I’m looking forward to find out what is in store for the Man Without Fear….although, to be fair, you wouldn’t fear much if you were backed by a clan of ninja assassins.

Invincible Iron Man #28 – I was really into this book when I jumped back on a few months ago but the last issue was dragging a bit. I’m giving it a chance for at least another issue or two.

DC Comics

Batman #701 – Morrison and Daniel promise to fill in some blanks between RIP and Final Crisis in this two-parter. Hopefully this washes the taste of issue 700 and the end of Daniel’s run away.

Birds of Prey #3 – The first two issues were good…but not great. If this issue doesn’t wow me, then I’m afraid I’ll have to drop this. Too much on the list right now to keep books that aren’t flat out impressing me.

Justice League : Generation Lost #5 – This book is quickly taking over as my DC bi-weekly of choice.

Superman #701 – I’m giving Supes another chance with the new creative team coming on board. He’s never been my favorite of DC’s big guns, but if this pays off there may be a place for him once again.


Comic Book Guy : The Comic Book #1 – If this is the solicited “Death of Comic Book Guy” story then I’m in.

Lady Robotika #1 – The solicits promise sexy fun and Jane Weidlin. How can this go wrong?

Transformers #9 – This book is more than meets the eye. Seriously, that’s all I have.

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