Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Looking Forward to Wednesday (4/2/2014)

So now that my busy season is behind me at the day job, I should have more time to post here.  We just recorded Episode 3 of the podcast which I'm currently editing, but until that is done, here is a look at what I'll be reading this week and it was a very light week for my pull list, so I'm trying some new things!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trailer Review - Guardians of the Galaxy

Once upon a time, there were two comic book companies who turned their comic properties into movies.  Both had stables of well-known and much-loved characters, and both had giant reserves of creative talent at the ready to do their bidding.

One company was called D.*. Comics (name partially obscured to protect their identity), and they decided to take a character that was known by most of the planet and attempt to make a fast-paced space adventure to launch a series of movies.  The other, called Marvel (name not hidden because they don’t need to hide in shame), decided to make a space adventure movie as well, but based it on a series of characters not well known outside of your typical comic shop patron.

Now the trailer for GOTG is out there and I couldn't be more excited.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pop Culture Conversations Podcast - Ep002 - Video Game Movies

I know it took a while, but it's finally here!  We recorded this in early December, but due to other things popping up it took a while to edit and upload.  But that's the past, and it's here now :-)

In this episode, we take a look at video game to movie adaptations....the good the bad and the guilty pleasures.  From Super Mario Brothers to Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider, we tackle them all and even speculate on what should get a movie series in the future.

Thanks for your patience as we get ourselves together to do this on a regular monthly schedule.

Show Notes

Total Running Time: 1:19:45

Intro and Outro Music

Final Boss
MC Frontalot
Final Boss

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 12/2/2013

Looking Forward to Wednesday

It’s a double-wide stack this time since I didn't make it to the comic shop last week!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pop Culture Conversations Podcast - Ep001 - Secret Origin

It's official!  Our first podcast episode is up and running.

This premier episode is a look into the backstory of your hosts Shawn & Jason.  On our first outing, we talk about some of the things that turned us into the high-functioning geeks that we are today.  Comic books, TV, movies and more.

So, atomic batteries to power.....turbines to speed...and hop in while we jet down memory lane to reminisce about the good old days before massive reboots, retcons and ridiculously large comic events.

Show Notes

Total Running Time: 0:46:38

Intro and Outro Music:

Middle of Nowhere

I’m not doing timed show notes for this first one since the topics completely ramble around.  Normally we will provide notes so you can avoid spoilers or jump to certain sections.

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New Comic Reviews – Releases for 11/6 & 11/13

This was a light week for me (actually a light 2 weeks) but what I did read was, for the most part, pretty solid.  So what happened?  Well…..Lex Luthor shows off his mad origami skills, Batman joins the hot rod set, Einstein wields a chainsaw, Captain Cold returns to normal, and Earth-2 Superman shows his disdain for magic.

Want more?  Click below for reviews (spoiler warning)

Don't Call It a Comeback!! is a comeback.

After a long time laying dormant, we are bringing the Clever Name Comics & Pop Culture Blog back online!

I apologize for the long delay in posting but after the birth of my wonderful daughter Victoria, life changed FAR more than I had ever thought it could. I've still kept up on my comics, movies and TV but due to being a parent and switching day jobs I just haven't had much extra time. But now that things are more stable, myself and fellow geek Shawn Robinson will be hosting the site once again. Although this time we are adding a new feature: the Pop Culture Conversations podcast. We have the first episode "Secret Origin" recorded and it will be up shortly as soon as I get the file hosting straightened out.

The concept behind PCC podcast is to make it as much like the conversations that we have at our local comic book shop on Wednesdays. Typically, a topic is set up early on in the evening, it rambles on to many tangents, debates and flat out arguments....and we typically end up somewhere totally different which will carry on to the next week.

We'll also be doing written reviews and features on the blog so keep checking back and Like us on Facebook to get notified when we have new content.  Thanks for checking us out again as we rebuild the site and force our opinions on you :-)

- Jason