Monday, November 18, 2013

Pop Culture Conversations Podcast - Ep001 - Secret Origin

It's official!  Our first podcast episode is up and running.

This premier episode is a look into the backstory of your hosts Shawn & Jason.  On our first outing, we talk about some of the things that turned us into the high-functioning geeks that we are today.  Comic books, TV, movies and more.

So, atomic batteries to power.....turbines to speed...and hop in while we jet down memory lane to reminisce about the good old days before massive reboots, retcons and ridiculously large comic events.

Show Notes

Total Running Time: 0:46:38

Intro and Outro Music:

Middle of Nowhere

I’m not doing timed show notes for this first one since the topics completely ramble around.  Normally we will provide notes so you can avoid spoilers or jump to certain sections.

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