Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't Call It a Comeback!! is a comeback.

After a long time laying dormant, we are bringing the Clever Name Comics & Pop Culture Blog back online!

I apologize for the long delay in posting but after the birth of my wonderful daughter Victoria, life changed FAR more than I had ever thought it could. I've still kept up on my comics, movies and TV but due to being a parent and switching day jobs I just haven't had much extra time. But now that things are more stable, myself and fellow geek Shawn Robinson will be hosting the site once again. Although this time we are adding a new feature: the Pop Culture Conversations podcast. We have the first episode "Secret Origin" recorded and it will be up shortly as soon as I get the file hosting straightened out.

The concept behind PCC podcast is to make it as much like the conversations that we have at our local comic book shop on Wednesdays. Typically, a topic is set up early on in the evening, it rambles on to many tangents, debates and flat out arguments....and we typically end up somewhere totally different which will carry on to the next week.

We'll also be doing written reviews and features on the blog so keep checking back and Like us on Facebook to get notified when we have new content.  Thanks for checking us out again as we rebuild the site and force our opinions on you :-)

- Jason

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