Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking Forward to Wednes…damn, Thursday - 7/8/2010

With the 4th of July holiday falling at the beginning of the week, comics in the US will arrive on Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday. I won’t be able to get to the shop until Friday, so regular posting will be delayed. Here’s what I plan on checking out this week :

Steve Rogers : Super-Soldier #1 – I’ve enjoyed Brubaker’s work with Rogers on Secret Avengers and of course on Captain America, and I’m always up for some Dale Eaglesham art.

Batman & Robin #13 – This whole “Return of Thomas Wayne” thing has me a little thrown. We’ll see how this turns out, B&R hasn’t really disappointed so far.  Need a little follow-up on the Joker coming back too.

Brightest Day #5 – Brightest Day has been a bit dull so far. I’m honestly debating whether I want to stick with this through the next year. JL : Generation Lost has been so much better.

Red Hood : Lost Days #2 – I was super-excited for this mini but the first issue was kind of meh. Hopefully things pick up for my favorite formerly-dead Batman sidekick.

Red Robin #14 – As far as former Batman sidekicks who are very much alive, Tim Drake is kicking some serious ass in his own book. Great stuff so far, and Fabian Nicieza is off to a great start as the new writer.

Secret Six #23 – There is a fill-in creative team at work here but Ostrander did such an amazing job with the Deadshot issue that I’m optimistic.

GI Joe #20 – Chuck Dixon’s re-imagining and modernization of GI Joe has been a fun ride so far…..I’d just like that ride to move a little faster, please.

Irredeemable #15 – This is quickly becoming one of my favorite regular titles from the twisted mind of Mark Waid.

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