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Comic Reviews 4/22/2009 - Part 2

Here are the rest of the reviews from this past week. I also picked up Warren Ellis' Ignition City #1, but I'll wait until I check out issue 2 to weigh in on that one. Click below for the reviews :

Kick-Ass #6
Story by Mark Millar
Art by John Romita, Jr.

In spite of its random release schedule and delays, this book continues to perform. I mean, who doesn’t love 11 year old girls getting shot in the chest by their father in order to train them to wear a bullet-proof vest, a pot smoking hero cruising around in a custom red Mustang, and more blood and violence than all the other books on the rack last week.

The first issue of the series begins with our hero Dave, aka Kick-Ass, being tortured by the mafia. Issue 6 finally shows us how he got there. After being recruited by Hit Girl and her father to take down the mafia, Kick-Ass is betrayed by someone close to him and we end the flashback portion of this story.

Unfortunately some of the story points were spoiled for me by information that was released regarding the upcoming Kick-Ass movie, but it was still an awesome issue.

Some great lines of dialog come out of this book as well.

Big Daddy: What do we do when a junkie pulls a .45?
Hit Girl: Knife in the nuts?
Big Daddy: Good girl.

Red Mist (talking about Big Daddy and Hit Girl): They even have cool origins. The mob kills his wife so they take down the mob? That’s fucking classic!
Kick-Ass: I know. Our origin is we were bored.

Battle for the Cowl : Arkham Asylum
Story by David Hine
Art by Jeremy Haun

So far, this is probably the weakest of the Battle for the Cowl tie-ins but not too bad. Dr. Arkham tries to salvage some items from the destruction of Arkham Asylum, including some plans that his deranged uncle had for a new Arkham.

We also get introduced to three new villains. I’m assuming they’re new because I’ve never heard any mention of them before but I may just be out of the loop on some older characters. These three new characters could be interesting in their own right but the last page of the book just confused me. Hopefully this is addressed in the upcoming Batman titles.

Supergirl #40
Story by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

OK, the reveal at the end caught me off guard and I’m not sure I understand it but it’s well done. Supergirl, under Gates and Igle, has become a decent monthly which is saying something considering the quality of the title before these two took over.

The fight between Reactron and Supergirl is excellent, he’s actually becoming a decently developed villain. Supergirl thinks back to her training with Batman after a run in with some superpower draining gold kryptonite, and gets into some solid hand-to-hand (or hand to steel bar) combat.

As I said before, the reveal of Superwoman’s identity kind of threw me off but I’m interested to hear how this is possible, which will hopefully be explained in upcoming issues.

Leftovers from Last Week :

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #10
Story by Shane McCarthy
Art by Guido Guidi

In any Transformers comic story, cartoon or movie there are two guaranteed occurrences : First, Starscream will always try to take over as leader of the Decepticons. Second, big robots fighting with even bigger gigantic ass robots is always cool.

Yes, as predicted, Starscream attempts to take over command from Megatron. This time though, the whiney second in command has an ace up his sleeve, he’s being backed by Devastator. Then, after a very cool fight scene where Megatron goes apeshit on a robot ten times his size, the human resistance finally shows up to attempt to take down the invading Decepticons.

Prime, who returned to life last issue, has a great scene with Ironhide that showcases just how deep their respect for each other goes. Battle ensues on Cybertron and the second huge robot of the issue shows up…none other than Omega Supreme.

So, with only two issues to go in what is easily one of the best series this year, the Autobots have found their way to Earth and the humans are beginning to fight back. The next two issues should be absolutely action packed and I’m expecting much death and destruction.

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