Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Impressions 6/17/2009

Seems like it was a female-heavy week here for comic books with 4 of 7 books featuring female lead characters. I didn't get to fully read everything yet, due to my time spent rummaging through the bookstore last night, but I will get full reviews up by the end of the weekend. Also, look for a post very shortly cataloging my finds from my first of many trips to Downtown Books. Click below for First Impressions :

Batman : Streets of Gotham #1 - Not bad, not bad at all. Funny encounter between Harley Quinn and the police, and then HQ and Batman & Robin.

Power Girl #2 - This was really good for the second issue of this series. The scene with Humanite's girlfriend sort of creeeped me out though. Decent backstory for the villain.

GI Joe : Cobra #4 - Things just went from bad to "Wow, I'm dead" for Chuckles. The life of a double agent is harsh, and this book is doing a fantastic job of building up Cobra. Good to see Tomax and Xamot.

Bomb Queen presents All Girl Comics #1 – Oh...My...God. This was horrible. I’m actually angry at how bad this was.

Action Comics Annual #12 – I wasn’t entirely sure that I cared about the origins of Nightwing and Flamebird, but I do now, and it was pretty good.

Supergirl #42 – This issue seemed like it was just moving people into certain positions in anticipation of the next storyline. Not much happened, just a lot of moving around.

Executive Assistant Iris #1 – This issue kicks 12 kinds of ass. I’m hooked.


Heretic said...

I loved Power Girl, alot of fun. I also truly enjoyed Supergirl. I'd actually rank it as one of the top bookf for DC this month.nobecti

-Stephen M. Wolterstorff said...

Don't read Bomb Queen, never have, but that bad? I'm curious to read more of your dislike more than the book. :)

Jason D. Manger said...

Oh, the dislike is coming. I wrote a full review on how much I disliked it :-) The regular series is very well done but not for everyone. I think it's great.