Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 7/1/2009

A fairly slow week considering what the last few have been like and what the next few stacks will be like. I’ll try to get First Impressions up ASAP on Wednesday and reviews will be up by the weekend. Click below for this week’s pull list :

Batman & Robin #2 – Good start with the last issue, let’s see if the momentum can continue.

Final Crisis Aftermath : Run! #3 – More from the villain that you love to hate. The new and improved Human Flame has a lot to deal with, and I’m loving the intro of the old and forgotten villains.

Green Lantern Corps #38 – The finale of Emerald Eclipse should give us the fate of Sodam Yat and promises to reveal the next law added to the Book of Oa. What could it be? Green Lanterns cannot eat meat on Fridays? Green Lanterns must look both ways before crossing the galaxy? No same sex marriages between Green Lanterns? Who knows? The Guardians have been tools lately so this could go anywhere.

Justice League : Cry for Justice #1 - I’m really unsure about this title. I have really grown to enjoy James Robinson’s writing, and I like the concept. My biggest problem is that this was announced ages ago and I was excited then, but not so much anymore. I’ll definitely pick up at least the first issue, but with so many titles on my list at the moment it may have to wait until trade for the rest.

Secret Six #11 – There hasn’t been a bad issue of Secret Six so far. The art and writing are just incredible and I love seeing things from the bad guys’ perspective and this new arc has begun in a very disturbing fashion.

Simpsons Super Spectacular #9 – The 3rd and final chapter of the epic, world changing Radioactive Man Event! I’m dying to find out what the big reveal will be for Radioactive Man. Funny as hell so far.

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