Friday, July 17, 2009

First Impressions - 7/15/2009

An impressive ten comic books came home with me this week (1 from last week and 1 was a variant cover), and I finally read the rest of them after being thoroughly blown away by Blackest Night #1. Reviews for everything should be up by the weekend. Click below for First Impressions :

Blackest Night #1 - I'll say it again....WOW!

Blackest Night : Tales of the Corps #1 - Sooooo.....I still don't get the Indigo Tribe, but I like them.

Final Crisis Aftermath : Escape #3 - This series is ultra-strange, I just hope that it pays off in the end or I will not be happy.

Batman : Streets of Gotham #2 - Hush. Is. Awesome.

Action Comics #879 - One huge fight / chase scene...but not bad.

Red Robin #2 - Can't at least one of the Bat-titles be bad???? It would definitely save me some money. Great second issue.

Titans #15 - OK, if the only reference is a character saying "The dead will rise" that does not constitute a Prelude to Blackest Night banner.

The Last Resort #1 - This was old school fun, although two zombie-based comics this week may explain why I had trouble sleeping.

Wednesday Comics #2 - Keep it up, this is good stuff.


Heretic said...

im not even paying any attention to the final crisis aftermath crap.

Jason D. Manger said...

i'm only reading Escape and Run. Run is great, it's an over the top old school action comic. Escape had better pay off in the end because it's strange as hell.