Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guest Review - The Incredibles #4 by Jeffrey Weniger

Check out the review of The Incredibles #4 from Boom! Studios by new guest reviewer Jeffrey Weniger, fellow comics enthusiast and Collector's Edge Wednesday regular. Click below to continue :

The Incredibles #4
Story by Mark Waid
Art by Marcio Takara
Cover by Sean Galloway or Marcio Takara
Lonestar Cover by Tom Scioli

Pixar’s 2004 movie The Incredibles was a “lightning in a bottle” success, combining a great story, fun action, and heart. Even as people were walking out the theater, they were wondering if there was going to be a sequel.

Incredibles fans got a sequel, just in comic form. The problem with any successful project is that sequels almost invariably succumb to the law of diminishing returns. However, the comic sequel to The Incredibles not only matches the style, tone and pacing of the movie, it actually expands the world of The Incredibles making it a worthy successor to the movie.

Boom! Comics has also done something that most major comic companies have been unable to do, put out an all-ages book that appeals to children as well as adults. Also, the comic is just plain fun to read, which also adds to the enjoyment.

This issue is the fourth part in a four-part mini-series, concluding the story line of Mr. Incredible losing his powers and his attempt to hide it from his family. (Don’t panic, Boom! Comics will be releasing this mini-series in TPB.) While they may be super heroes, The Incredibles are a family first. And it was this distinction that made the movie as well as this mini-series successful. Waid was able to craft a story that is sweet, without being saccharine, fun, but also serious, all while being able to appeal to readers from 8 on up. Perfect summer fun for the kid in your family or your own inner kid.

The art is very clean and visually dynamic, incorporating a few splash pages and a clean, easy to follow layout. Waid introduces two new villains for The Incredibles to deal with, as well as giving you an appearance by Frozone (that Samuel Jackson shows up everywhere nowdays).

The good news is that Boom! Comics has announced that The Incredibles will re-launch as an ongoing monthly comic book being written by Mark Waid. So if you are looking for a fun, entertaining read, ask your local comic shop to save you a copy, or keep an eye out on the shelves. If the continuing issues are anything like the last four, you'll enjoy the continuing adventures of the Parr family.

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