Sunday, July 19, 2009

Judging Books by the Cover – 7/15/2009

In the second of my new feature introductions this week, we’ll be discussing the covers that made the grade or the others that fell short. I’ll try to pick 2 to 4 covers each week, but feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section. On to the covers :

Favorite Cover This Week :

Blackest Night #1
Cover by Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Alex Sinclair

This cover just evokes the feeling of horror that is contained in the story. It’s even creepier now, knowing that this is most likely supposed to represent Bruce Wayne’s skull which Black Hand is currently carrying around with him everywhere he goes. The VanSciver variant cover was good as well, but I like the simplicity of this cover more.

Runner-Up :

The Last Resort #1
Cover by Darwyn Cooke

OK, I come into this as a huge Cooke fan, and I just realized that I am watching Justice League : The New Frontier while I’m writing this, but this image is well done and brings you into the story. Basically, at first glance, you see a pretty girl in a bikini enjoying a tropical drink. Look closer though, and you see the eyeballs floating in the cocktail which is resting on top of a skull. Cooke is one of my favorite artists for his simple and clean lines and this cover is no exception.

Least Favorite Cover :

Titans #15
Cover by Angel Unzueta & Wayne Faucher

My main problem with this cover is that this image or event occurs nowhere inside the book. This really bothers me with certain comics. In my opinion, the cover should at least have some reference to what is contained inside. The cover shows Tempest, obviously enraged, taking down Cyborg (not Cyclops as I previously wrote in some strange Marvel / DC crossover in my mind) while the other Titans lay defeated at his feet. In an issue where he spends most of it moping about Atlantis not accepting him, this is out of place.


Jeff Morris said...

Not to be nit picky there Jason...but Tempest is trying to kill Cyborg, not Cyclops. Otherwise, yeah, DC dropped the ball on this cover.

Jason D. Manger said...

Thanks Jeff, it's fixed. Apparently while writing this I was creating the Titans VS X-Men crossover script that I was planning on submitting to Marvel and DC :-)