Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday - 7/22/2009

Two heavy weeks in a row may require leaving a few books on the shelf for next week but we'll see what happens tomorrow. Click below for this week's pull list :

Most Anticipated Book :

Green Lantern #44 - From the previews it looks like this picks up directly from the scene at Bruce Wayne's grave with Hal and Barry. Duog Mahnke's first issue was tight so this should be the pick of the week.

The Rest :

Blackest Night : Tales of the Corps #2 - Continuing the mini-background stories of key members in the Blackest Night series, alos the second part of the three part linking cover.

Final Crisis : Legion of Three Worlds #5 - Seriously??? Wow, I had honestly forgotten that this never finished. I'll most likely have to re-read the first 4 issues today so I'm caught up. It was good though so hopefully it ends on a decent note.

Gotham City Sirens #2 - First issue was OK but I think this one is the breaking point for me. If it doesn't impress, it's off the list.

Power Girl #3 - One of my favorites right now, Palmiotti, Gray and Conner are producing a stellar book that is more fun than should be allowed in a comic.

Supergirl #43 - Supergirl has been better than it has any right to be since it's new creative team started, let's keep it up.

Wednesday Comics #3 - More giant sized comics goodness :-)

Atomic Robo : Shadow From Beyond Time #3 - THE funniest comic book on the stands continues...

Executive Assistant Iris #2 - This is another book that I may need to drop if it doesn't immediately impress, not that it's bad....I just haev a lot of books right now.

GI Joe #7 - The fantastic re-vamp of the 80s cartoon rolls on with it's current focus on Destro. This has been a great read for this 80s child.

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