Friday, August 21, 2009

First Impressions - 8/19/2009

I was able to pick up my books today and read them during some down time at work. Click below for First Impressions :

Power Girl #4 - Two things : #1) Was that the guys from Big Bang Theory in the movie theater?? Yup, it was. #2) This may just make me go back and read the Terra mini that this creative team put out last year. Any super-heroine that fights in her underwear because she forgot her costume is OK in my book.

Blackest Night : Superman #1 - Lots of setup...and Rainbow Superman! Kind of disappointed that the solicited cover was actually the variant one though.

Supergirl #44 - That was easily one of the most exciting comics that I've read lately. Big things will be going down when this continues in next week's issue of Superman.

Batman : Streets of Gotham #3 - Nicknames abound this week! Power Girl gets called Busty Airborne Lass in her title, and then Damian is branded Psycho Ninja Brat...which, upon further consideration, is quite fitting actually.

All Hail Megatron #14 - Two stories, both pretty decent. I really have to go back and re-read the stories before AHM to refresh my memory. It really seems like they'll be pulling heavily from those for the next story arc.

Superman Annual #14 - Mon-El is shaping up to be a very interesting character. Hopefully they keep him around for a bit and don't shove him back into the Phantom Zone again.

...and two from last week :

GI Joe Special : Helix - Exciting introduction for an interesting new character.

Red Robin #3 - I may be thinking too much into this, but was the reference to Clown Baby a nod to Mac's underground street fighting name in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia??

Reviews will be up soon

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