Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday – 8/19/2009

Praise Jeebus for a lighter week, since I still have two hold-overs from last week. Click below for the books :


Blackest Night : Superman #1 – So far, so good on the Blackest Night tie-ins. Let’s hope that it continues because I was really looking forward to seeing how they handle Earth-2 Superman as a Black Lantern. Superboy could be interesting in this as well, since I'm not reading Adventure Comics at the moment. Also, that variant cover by Shane Davis is awesome, so I may be picking that up.


Batman : Streets of Gotham #3 – This is the weakest of the current Bat-titles in my opinion, but it’s by no mean a bad book. Dustin Nguyen’s art is beautiful and Paul Dini continues his story arcs from Detective Comics.

Power Girl #4 – The beginning of a new story arc. The first one was great, so I’m giving the second a chance to impress me.

Supergirl #44 – I’ve been picking up Supergirl for nearly 10 months now. If you told me that last year I would have told you that you were insane. Great job by Sterling Gates on turning this book into a readable title.

Superman Annual #14 – Looks like Mon-El will finally get to check out those crystals that Sodam Yat sent to him. The history of Daxam! This actually sounds pretty decent.

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #14 – Last issue was OK, so these “bridge” issues between AHM and whatever the next story is may be hit or miss.

Wow…I just checked out DC’s releases for next week. 10 books, just from DC alone

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