Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Comic Book Reviews - 9/23/2009

I had to keep it light this week so I had to leave Supergirl and the final issue of Wednesday Comics in my box but I’ll have those picked up next week. Just two quick reviews this week.

What happened? Batwoman’s family tree grows a little bit, Destro becomes an exclusive “employee” of COBRA, Psycho Pirate pisses off Smallville, and Power Girl just cannot catch a break. Click below for more :

Pick of the Week :

Power Girl #5
Story by Justin Grey & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Amanda Conner

I was a little worried as to what the start of Power Girl’s second story arc would bring but the team of Conner, Palmiotti and Grey continue to show us why this is the most fun title in the DC Universe right now. I know that I’ve called Secret Six the most fun book for a while, but this is a different brand of fun. Secret Six is most decidedly “bad fun”, such as : “That was fun but now I really need a shower”. Power Girl is “good fun”, like : “smiles und sunshine” (that’s not a typo, but bonus points to those that get the Simpson’s reference).

When we last departed from our top-heavy heroine, she was finalizing a deal for a new apartment when a spaceship crashes nearby. What’s in this mysterious craft you ask? Trouble (notice the capital “T”).

Palmiotti and Grey, once again, bring a Superman-level hero down to Earth. When Power Girl rushes to the roof to change, she realizes that she forgot her boots and gloves back at her office. Oh well, the day must be saved and she’ll do it without the boots and gloves.

Conner’s use of facial expressions and posing adds immensely to the fun and I thoroughly enjoy the way Power Girl is portrayed in this title : fun, spunky, a little flaky, but tough as nails and brave as can be.

The Rest :

GI Joe #9
Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by SL Gallant

This issue follows two main stories. In the first part Destro is whisked away from South America by Baroness and her COBRA cronies in a sweet submarine before the Joes arrive. I love how you never really see the COBRA logo but you know exactly who is running the show. You also get an idea of just how vast the COBRA organization’s influence runs with their level of technology and secrecy.

In the second part, Snake Eyes and Mainframe arrive in the “All-American” town of Springfield where things are not as they seem. Those that have followed GI Joe know about Springfield and it’s function as a cover for COBRA’s operations. Behind the picket fences and soccer moms they begin to uncover something more sinister. More sinister than soccer moms? You betcha.

Being a Joe fan from way back, IDW and Chuck Dixon are doing this re-launch right by keeping enough of the classic GI Joe while updating it for the current times and new audiences. Things are being introduced very slowly and building up properly, although I have a feeling that we’ll finally meet Cobra Commander in next month’s issue #10.

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