Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back For a Quickie - Jason's Reviews (11/11/2009)

This week's comic book offerings were enjoyable overall. But, as good stories tend to do, they pose many questions. I'm throwing this out there in a different format than usual but it's how I viewed the books. Spoilers ahead!

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Batman & Robin #6
Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Philip Tan

First Question : Did Robin just call a villain gay?

Granted, I'm not the most politically correct person in existence (far from it actually) so I'm happy to see the taboo of using "certain words" in comics has been ignored here. Now, in Robin's defense, Flamingo is dressed like a pink matador and rides in on a pink motorcycle. Hopefully people can see past the usage of a simple word and don't cause the usual PC-uproar.

Second Question : How many bodies did Bruce Wayne have?

Dick accesses some secret vault in the Bat-Bunker that appears to contain.....the body of Bruce Wayne! Wait.....what?!?! If this is Bruce's body, then whose skull is Black Hand carting around like a goth Coach purse?

Batman #693
Story by Tony Daniel
Art by Tony Daniel

First Question : How smoking hot is Huntress?

Really a rhetorical question...moving on.

Second Question : Anyone notice the similarities between Black Mask and Red Skull?

It appears that the current incarnation of Black Mask, besides dressing like Marilyn Manson, is just someone donning the Black Mask...ummm...mask. Seems awfully similar to what was going on with Red Skull over in the Marvel Universe. Wait a sec...isn't Steve Rogers also "not dead" and skipping through time? Hmmmmm. Were Bruce and Steve related? Maybe the new Black Mask is Bucky??

Green Lantern Corps #42
Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason

Question : How do you kill thousands of Black Lanterns and one Green Lantern?

Let's ask good old Kyle Rayn...oh. Just as I was getting into Kyle as a Green Lantern again. I seriously doubt that they can keep him dead for long. Although, isn't blackest Night supposed to fix the "revolving door of death" in the DCU? I'm thinking that we may see Kyle as one of the New Guardians that were solicited in the last Green Lantern issue. Also, kind of convenient that the Red Lantern Vice gets killed right before Kyle's sacrifice. Seems there is a Red Ring floating around with no finger.....paging Guy Gardner....he'll be a little rage-filled after Kyle's death. Also, I wonder what a 3 foot tall blue Kyle Rayner would look like.

Supergod #1
Story by Warren Ellis
Art by Garrie Gastonny

Question : If humans could develop their own super-humans, would they make them into god-like beings that they could worship?

Warren Ellis seems to think so. Excellent first issue and I'm thoroughly interested to see where he takes this. Although, it looks like we already know where it goes considering the story is told in flahsback by a pot-smoking British scientist sitting in the flaming ruins of London.

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