Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Comic Hunting Week – Part One

Not sure what got into me this week but it worked out that I happened to be at used bookstores twice and walked out with a massive amount of comics for around $30 total. All in all, some fun finds, and a gamble on a “grab bag” for $5. Click below for some of the highlights from stop numer one :

First Stop : Half Price Books : Northridge

This was my first time at this particular HPB. We have 3 locations in the Milwaukee area and I’m rarely at this one, but my wife (being a pre-school teacher) needed a last minute run to Michael’s for some craft supplies and it was down the street. I was unimpressed with the size of their comic section compared to the other two at first, but then I started coming up with some decent finds.

There are good and bad things about hunting at Half Price Books. The good thing is that they don’t really seem to look at the value of the books and just randomly price everything at $1.00, or less in the case of the locations that have markdown bins (which this one did not). The bad thing is that the organization is not as good as other locations that I hunt at so you pretty much have to look through the entire section, because I’ve found good comics in the wrong sections. Although this could be due to the fact that people don’t put things back in the right place too.

First set are books that I found in the main area :

The Flash #142 : The issue with the wedding of Linda and Wally.

The Flash #208 : Michael Turner cover featuring Jay, Wally and Bart.

The Flash #219 : Wonder Woman teams up with Flash to battle Zoom and Cheetah. Great cover too.

Danger Girl #3 : Adam Hughes variant cover AND J. Scott Campbell interior work?? Sold!

Green Lantern #151 : Jim Lee cover featuring Kyle Rayner. I think I’m one of the few people that like the “cyber-punk” look that GL had during this period.

Superman #205 : Michael Turner variant cover

Superman #223 : Ed Benes cover featuring Supergirl right after her re-introduction to the DC Universe

Wonder Woman #176 : Adding to my collection of Adam Hughes Wonder Woman covers.

Check back later for Part Two where I pick up a random “brick” of comics for $5.00 with some fun treasures.

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