Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Comic Hunting Week - Part Three

I totally forgot to post the final part of my last comic hunting trip, but I do have good reason. I'm going to be a daddy :-) So pardon the lateness of this conclusion, since I've been a little absent-minded and with the holiday season, haven't had a whole lot of time. More information on the baby is coming soon, including the continuing saga of me wearing my wife down to accept the name of Bruce Wayne Manger for a boy.

Anyway, on with the final stop in the hunt....Downtown Books.

Ah, Downtown Books...I keep meaning to get pictures of the ridiculous amount of comic books they have in their vault-like third floor comic section but I always get completely overwhelmed and forget. Maybe next time.

Since I was tired of hanging around the house on my day off I decided to take a ride down by Lake Michigan. As I passed through the downtown area I saw that there happened to be a rare open parking spot directly in front of Downtown Books. After cutting off three people and a city bus to acquire it, the hunt was on.

I actually had a list with me this time (I got smart and started keeping it in my jacket) so there were specific books that I was after, and of course I found more than I was looking for.

Books I was actually searching for :

Avengers #57 and #63 : Not being a Marvel fan I did not know that DC golden boy Geoff Johns did a run on the Avengers before taking over the entire DC Universe. Issue 57 is his first issue on that book.

Thundercats : The Return #3 & #4 : My friend Jeffrey showed these to me a while back and I was searching for them ever since. I was never a big fan of the Thundercats cartoon, but this series has interior art and covers by Ed Benes. Those familiar with his work know that his women tend to be a bit……risqué in their posing and rendering. Good stuff.

Superman #204 & #210 : Two issues from the “For Tomorrow” storyline by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee. Those that know me are aware of my fascination with Lee’s work and I’m a fan of Azzarello as well. Never read this story so I’ll try to get it in single issues.

Books that I found during my search :

Thundercats / Battle of the Planets : Was not aware that this existed. I loved BOTP when I was younger and it has a J. Scott Campbell cover as icing on the cake. THe issue isn't that great, just thought it was something I should own.

Superman #203 : The end of the Godfall storyline with a cover by Michael Turner. This issue also contains a 6 page sketchbook by Jim Lee who was taking over art duties after this issue. It’s interesting to see a part of his process in creating his own look for such an iconic character.

Avengers #8 : Jim Lee cover featuring Thor, Iron Man and Cap. Sold.

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