Sunday, November 23, 2008

Comics and Kids

Following on one of my big points in my last article, here is a story that my wife told me regarding comic books and kids. She is a pre-school teacher and since many of her kids have all sorts of Batman & Spiderman toys and backpacks and clothes, she asked if there were any good kid's comics that she could put in her class to get the kids more interested in reading.

When she was hanging with me at my LCS we grabbed a few issues of DC's SuperFriends and Tiny Titans for the kids to check out. The kids LOVE these books and were very excited to have them in their classroom.

The other day two future comic geeks were arguing over who could read an issue of Tiny Titans and one came up with a King Solomon-esque solution that would satisfy them both. He ripped out a bunch of the pages from the book, handed them to the other and said "Here, you can have this part." Liz (my wife) laughed and cringed, having witnessed me carefully bag and board all of my comics before they go into storage.

My point, yet again, is : These are comic books everyone. Cheap entertainment for all ages :-)

- Jason (honestly if I was there I would have cringed)

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