Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking Forward to Wednesday (11/26/08)

Comics I'll be picking up this Wednesday November 26, 2008

Marvel Comics :


DC Comics :

Batman #681 : This is it, supposedly the end of R.I.P. This issue is a critical point for me. So far just about every Morrison story that I’ve read that has lost momentum or confused the hell out of me has redeemed itself in the very end, so we’ll see how this goes. There is an awful lot to wrap up in one issue though.

JSA Kingdom Come Special : The Kingdom #1 – Two for two so far with these specials. Hopefully it can keep this momentum going. Written by Geoff Johns so that’s already a plus. Can this man do any wrong? J

Superman #682 : New Krypton continues, this story has been good so far. Not great, but we’ll see what happens.

Wonder Woman #26 : The last arc wasn’t all that much to write home about but I do enjoy Gail Simone’s writing and Aaron Lopresti’s art. They will be introducing the character of Genocide (supposedly Wonder Woman’s Doomsday) soon which I am interested to see.

Other Publishers :

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #5 : This book has been the most enjoyable comic I’ve read in a while. Every issue is just packed full of Decepticon Generation 1 goodness, and now the Autobots are beginning to show up.

Transhuman #4 : The end of last issue kind of threw me off a bit. The first two issues and most of the third were fantastic. Let’s see where they take this and then I’ll see where I stand. Lots of dark humor in this book which is right up my alley.

Also, if memory serves me correctly, the Previews catalog comes out this week so I'll be posting some quick thoughts on what you can find inside the Ultimate Comic Geek Catalog.

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