Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking Forward to Wednesday (12-3-2008)

Actually due to the Thanksgiving holiday, new releases will be out on Thursday 12-4 and I won’t be able to get my books until Friday, so reviews will not be up until Friday night or Saturday. Click below for the books I'll be picking up.

Marvel Comics :

Secret Invasion #8 : This event has been pretty blah for me but I’ll stick it out to the end (which is now here). Not as smart, in my opinion, as Final Crisis but definitely more action packed.

X-Men Noir #1 : I really don’t know anything about this book but it’s a slow week for my regular titles and this sounds pretty cool so I’ll grab a copy.

DC Comics :

Batman #682 : I guess I wasn’t paying attention because I wasn’t expecting another issue of Batman so quickly. But, after last week’s puzzling “conclusion” to R.I.P., I’m hoping that this issue, also by Morrsion, will at least bring a little more closure to the story.

Justice Society of America #21 : The penultimate chapter of the Gog story. Look, I love pretty much everything Geoff Johns has done, but can we just get this over with already? I feel like Black Adam is hopping up and down in Johns’ brain yelling “Is it my turn yet??”

Other Publishers :

Nothing, although I may pick up Invincible Vol. 5.

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Pendragon's Post said...

Secret Invasion has been meh indeed. The only highlight has been Hawkeye being Hawkeye again. Bendis has really dropped the ball on this mini. Totally unimpressed so far.

X-men Noir just looks dumb in my opinion. What is the point? What, Marvel ran out of Skrull, Ape, & Zombie stuff that they need to go to noir? If you want to read a good noir film from Marvel, read Brubaker's Criminal.

Batman RIP was just a major train wreck & as soon as this mess is over, DC finally the brains to bring in a real writer. Denny O'Neil. Followed by Neil Gaiman. Thank God.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about Thy Kingdom Come. It's OK, just not great.

At least there's another great issue of Trinity is coming out.