Monday, December 1, 2008

Show & Tell #1 - Question / Rocket Red / Brainiac

Welcome to my first installment of Show & Tell. This was inspired by my wife’s career as a pre-school teacher, as well as spending some time recently with my 5 year old nephew Noah.

Noah gave me the pleasure of showing off all of his Transformers toys last weekend at a birthday party, and as an uncle I was honored that he would share these with me. As a toy collector, I was utterly horrified as he pulled random arms and legs and heads from action figures out of his bin and nonchalantly explained to me that they are missing parts and why. He’s only 5 I kept repeating to myself

This week we have 3 action figures from the Justice League Unlimited 4-inch collection : (from left to right The Question, Rocket Red, and Brainiac).

The Question figure is awesome because….well, it’s The Question. Enough said on that. Rocket Red I found by accident while walking through Kmart of all places just killing time in the toy aisle while Liz was buying me the PlayStation 3 I don’t know about for Christmas. And to think I was ready to pay 3 times as much at Wizard World last year for this figure. Last but not least we have Brainiac, who I bought while in Boston. Yes, leave it to me to come home from a large family wedding across the country with a suitcase full of action figures. To my defense, the KB Toys in the mall across from the hotel was closing and having an awesome sale on everything so I cleaned house :-)

Next week I’ll feature some Lego comic characters that live in the art studio