Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome one and all

In an effort to communicate and digitally connect with my fellow pop culture fanatic bretheren I thought I'd see if we can get this going. I'm hoping to promote some great debate, discussion and just good old-fashioned geek pride through articles, reviews and random posts.

I'm hoping to bring some guest posters along in the form of friends and colleagues to help with the entertainment. Some proposed articles include reviews of comics and movies, TV shows, along with some regular articles I'm working on right now like recaps of what's being talked about at my Local Comic Shop (for those that don't have the pleasure of an LCS).

There will also be updates regarding original projects by myself and some friends.

So, please feel free to comment, criticize, debate or whatever. Geeks unite, stand up and be proud :-)

- Jason (Let's begin...)

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