Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking Forward to Wednesday (11/19/08)

Welcome to my first regular article : Looking Forward to Wednesday. Every week, no matter how stressed or sick or tired, I can know that Wednesday is coming (or Thursday when Diamond jacks everything up) and I can go to my Local Comic Shop and pick up $20-$30 dollars worth of beautiful art and fantastic stories.

This article will list the books that I am interested in picking up. Now, these may vary greatly from the books that you are looking forward to, and I admit to being severely biased towards the DC Comics side of the rack. Now, on to the first week :

Marvel Comics :


DC Comics :

Ambush Bug Year None #4 : Many people were hating this book but I have enjoyed it. I'll admit that many of the references go straight over my head but the ones that do hit are damned funny.

JSA Kingdom Come Special : Magog #1 : The Superman special last week kicked these off to a good start. I was getting a bit tired of the Thy Kingdom Come run but these are getting me back into the story again.

Robin #180 : Robin has been a great companion piece to R.I.P. and since it obviously takes place after those events it raises alot of questions as to the fate of Batman.

Supergirl #35 : The new creative team has impressed me with their first outing last issue, let's see if they can keep me interested in this title.

Tiny Titans #10 : This is a guilty pleasure of mine and always makes me laugh out loud. If you haven't ever read this, please pick it up, you will not regret it.

Other Publishers :

Atomic Robo : Dogs of War #4 : Every issue of Atomic Robo has been on par. This is a must-buy every month and the wit and humor make these issues great.

All in all it's going to be a fairly light week. I may pick up a trade to top off my stack. I recently started catching up on Ex Machina or I've been dying to read Grant Morrison's Animal Man.

- Jason (Tiny Titans....go check it out)

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