Monday, November 17, 2008

Best of Milwaukee 2008

Shepherd Express released their annual Best of Milwaukee issue this week and some of my favorite places made the list again. I wanted to congratulate the following for making the cut :

Best Comic Book Store : Collector's Edge (4th Year in a row) - I've been going to Collector's Edge (North location 78th & Burleigh) since I was pulled back into comics. The staff is always extraordinarily helpful, unlike another popular Milwaukee comic shop who I tried twice before giving up on, and there is always a great gathering of comic enthusiasts hanging around every Wednesday. If you live in the area check out their site for the four locations :

Best Cocktail Lounge / Romantic Bar : At Random - Mostly responsible for my splitting headache yesterday, At Random is a 50s style neighborhood lounge that serves strong concoctions of liquor, fruit and ice cream. There is no beer, no wine, and it's cash only at this Sinatra-esque speakeasy. Dimly lit and tightly packed it's a bar for those, like myself, that don't like bars per se. Try the Blue Devil, I did the other night and loved it but paid for it in the morning :-)

Microbrewery : Lakefront - One of my favorite brews since moving to Milwaukee, Lakefront (oddly enough not on the lake but on the river) has great beers tied to local Milwaukee neighborhoods. My neighborhood's beer and my current favorite, Riverwest Stein, is also joined by Fuel Cafe (brewed with coffee beans) and of course the phenomenal seasonal Pumpkin Beer. If you get the opportunity to visit the brewery, take the tour and you will not be disappointed. The entire tour is taken with a pint glass in hand and sampling and beer toasts all along the way :-)

A few other quick congrats to places that I frequent :

Best Milwaukee Landmark - Milwaukee Art Museum
Best Bakery - Peter Sciortino's
Best Burger - Kopp's
Best Cheap Eats / Late Night Takeout - Pizza Shuttle
Best Irish Pub - County Clare
Best Auto Repair - Riverwest Automotive
Best Wine Selection at a Bar - Pizza Man

My only big problem with the list is that Red Lobster was voted best seafood restaurant. Red Lobster?!?!?! Come on people, there has got to be better seafood out there. My vote went to The Anchorage at the Milwaukee River Hilton. Red Lobster, jeez.

- Jason (Red Lobster? Really?)

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