Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comic Reviews - 12/10/2008

A bit up and down this week. Final Crisis & Secret Six : awesome, Green Lantern Corps and Final Crisis Revelations : not bad, and Detective Comics and Action Comics : disappointing. Click below to get the reviews

Final Crisis #5

Wow….that was how I felt, just wow. My friend Shawn called me at work after reading…his first word: Wow. So much happened in this book that it will definitely warrant multiple readings. Morrison’s epic Final Crisis picks up pace in a big way as the evil lord Darkseid fully manifests on Earth. I am really digging the way that Darkseid is showing up here. I still hear Michael Ironsides’ voice when I read him, but now it’s Ironsides if he were being crushed in a vice while reciting dialog. I think it was in the Final Crisis Sketchbook that they said Darkseid would be in constant agonizing pain, well the dialog definitely sounds like he is.

There were so many great moments in this book: finding out what the hell Mary Marvel’s problem actually is, Luthor realizing that he made some BIG mistakes, Darkseid offing his minions just because he can, and a Rubiks cube that can possibly help save the world.

Morrison continues to impress me with this title. I know that there are MANY people out there who are becoming disenfranchised with Final Crisis, and I understand that Morrison is not for everyone, but I am loving it and I can’t wait until January when we get the final 2 issues.

Detective Comics #851 (Last Days of Gotham Part 1)

This issue was extremely disappointing to me in many ways. I was very excited for the return of Denny O’Neil to the Batman books and this book bored me. The cover is beautiful, the interior art is OK, but the story is just plain dull. The story is entitled The Last Days of Gotham and we get a story about Nightwing not wanting to drive a Batmobile, and following Two-Face…which is what we had in the Nightwing title recently as well. I don’t know, maybe the next issue will redeem it, but I hyped this up to myself so much and it was a letdown.

Green Lantern Corps #31 (Sins of the Star Sapphire Part 3)

Weird…in a story about the Star Sapphires we get to see very little of the title characters, 2 pages in fact (I’m not kidding). Instead, we get more of Kryb, by far the creepiest of Sinestro’s playmates. The issue moved along well but seemed like it was just waiting for something else to happen. We get guest appearances by the Monitors who vote on the new law : No hot Lantern on Lantern action, Mongul who is chilling at some intergalactic brothel, and a ring construct baby who kicks some serious ass. I’m still enjoying the title, but they need to pick it up just a little.

Secret Six #4

Quickly climbing the ladder of my favorite books, we get another solid issue with great writing by Gail Simone and beautiful art by Nicola Scott. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am a big fan of villains. Secret Six is about villains at their worst, and most ridiculous. Deadshot plays the voice of reason, Scandal and Catman continue to snipe at one another while Bane plays father figure to Scandal and spouts some of the best lines of the year. My favorite from this book as he’s talking to a VIP Hotel Concierge :

Concierge : Can I ask what you bench press, sir?
Bane : Costumed detectives, mostly.

Randomness from the comic shop :

I had to leave a few books in my box that I’ll review next week (Ambush Bug & Secret Invasion : Dark Reign) and my shop started carrying a new drawer type storage box that I’ll be trying out next week.

The conversation at the shop was video game-centric as Shawn was raving about playing a demo of Mirror’s Edge. The conversation then turned to the fear-inducing Resident Evil series and its scarier moments. Unfortunately I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend there so the visit was pretty short.

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DarKye said...

Good call on the Michael Ironsides' voice comment, I'm gonna have to agree.

And Final Crisis has definitely been much more impressive with each issue, which makes me wonder how the heck they are going to top this.

Still, a great read and I'm waiting as well!