Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looking Forward to Wednesday (12-17-2008)

This will be an extremely light week for me. Only 3 books planned so I’ll probably pick up a trade or action figure to fill up my weekly comic book allowance  Reviews may not be up until next week since we need to finish up Christmas shopping and I may not get to the shop this week. Check back on Thursday though, I’ll pop some reviews up if I can. Click below for the books :

Marvel Comics :


DC Comics :

DCU Holiday Special 2008 : I’m a sucker for the holiday specials so we’ll see how this turns out

Robin 181 : I’m really loving the Robin story lately and now Anarky is back for the final run here. Good stuff.

Supergirl 36 : Surprisingly, with the new creative team, this book is still holding my interest. New Krypton continues…..

Other Publishers :


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