Sunday, December 7, 2008

Looking Forward to Wednesday (12-10-2008)

Back to regular Wednesdays and a fairly big week for me. Because of things like Christmas shopping and action figures I just HAD to have at Target (Target Exclusive Justice League 6-Figure set with Luthor, Red Hood Joker, Gorilla Grodd, Batman, Superman and Flash), I may have to push some titles back to next week due to budgetary concerns. Click below for the titles I'll be picking up :

Marvel Comics :

Nothing, although I may check out Secret Invasion : Dark Reign. I’m interested in this now after the end of Secret Invasion.

DC Comics :

Action Comics #872 More of New Krypton, in the solicit it says that Superman is trying to free the other cities trapped on Brainiac’s ship, after what happened last time…he may want to think this through a bit.

Ambush Bug : Year None #5 – May have to put this aside until next week with so much coming out. This book has been great so far and we’re heading towards the end, hopefully it can keep up the laughs.

Detective Comics #851 – Beginning of the Denny O’Neill run Last Days of Gotham. I’m all hyped up on RIP so bring it on!

Final Crisis #5 – Remember these? We should be on a pretty quick run to the end now, Dan DiDio still holds fast to the January deadline for this to end. It’s been great so far although I will have to re-read the past issues to keep up due to the gap.

Final Crisis : Revelations #4 – It’s good to see Final Crisis come back in full force now that Secret Invasion is over with. Revelations has been decent so far so I am definitely looking forward to it’s return, although due to finishing up my Christmas shopping this one may be on hold for a week as well.

Green Lantern Corps #31 – Easily one of my favorite books now, GLC is sort of filling in the blanks for the main Green Lantern book. They have been referencing certain events in GL that happen in GLC, so those who are reading GLC get the full story. Great writing by Peter Tomasi and lots of buildup towards Blackest Night

Secret Six #4 – Solid writing, solid art, and one VERY creepy villain (although the whole book is about villains) make this mini series enjoyable. I’m dying to see if they actually show who Junior actually is and I can never get enough Deadshot.

Other Publishers :



Pendragon's Post said...

Dude, what about Titans or Trinity?

Both great stories.

Pendragon's Post said...

And don't forget Captain America White.
Next in the great Marvel color series.

Jason D. Manger said...

Titans I never really got into, and Trinity I followed for about the first 20 issues then had to drop in order to trim my list down a bit.

I'll probably pick it up in trade.