Friday, December 5, 2008

Comic Reviews – 12/3/2008

Comics were delayed a bit this week so I apologize for the delay in the reviews but here we go, this week : Batman 682, JSA 21, and Secret Invasion 8. Click below to read :

Batman #682 (Last Rites Part 1)

I have been loving Morrison’s run and I was hoping for some better explanation..well here it comes, in a stream of consciousness issue that covers a lot of Batman’s history and what he’s up to now. Still confusing but so Morrison, we start to get some ideas as to what is actually going on here. This is the first of two comics this week (the other being Secret Invasion) to throw something at me from out of left field, which is good because I like unexpected twists. The tie-in with Final Crisis is there, but not fully fleshed out yet. Here’s to hoping that the next issue carries this momentum. Also, on a side note, I picked up the Tony Daniel variant cover (pictured above) featuring the Joker. I couldn’t help myself, it’s creepy and awesome.

Secret Invasion #8

See, I do buy Marvel comics! This is the conclusion to Marvel’s big event (didn’t DC have one too called Final something or other??) and I will say that it was a satisfying ending that sets up the next year of the Marvel Universe. Some heroes go away, some return and some other very unexpected people get promoted. Was I happy with Secret Invasion as an event? Yes. Will I follow Dark Reign? Don’t know yet…we’ll see once it starts which books, if any, I’ll follow for that event.

Justice Society of America #21 (One World Under Gog Part 746….I mean Part 6)

Seems like this has been going on forever, but finally we get some movement towards an end. The anti-Gog JSA members step up and expose Gog for what he is. This, as one would think, angers Gog who starts to revoke his gifts to the pro-Gog members which causes much chaos. Next issue is the end, then after that….Black Adam!

Randomness from the comic shop :

I also picked up Bomb Queen Volume 1 : Woman of Mass Destruction in trade. I started reading Bomb Queen at Volume 3 and finally have time to go back and catch up on the first two stories. If you have never read Bomb Queen and have anything close to a sick or dark sense of humor, check it out and you will not be disappointed. I’ll have a review up in a week or so.

The conversation at the shop was fairly random this week: John Carpenter movies including the Roddy Piper classic They Live, plans for Wizard World Chicago this August, Alex Ross’ art, Ethan Van Sciver, and the fact that Tony Daniel’s variant covers for Batman RIP should have been the regular covers. I forgot to mention in a previous article the store manager’s (joking) dig on my hometown of Philadelphia, referring to it as “a wretched hive of scum and villainy”….where have I heard that before?

Until next week where the comics are back to the normal Wednesday….

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