Friday, December 5, 2008

Saint Nick's Day

So here we have another Midwestern tradition that I was not familiar with before I moved out here. St. Nick's Day, a traditionally German tradition, had something to do with little kids putting shoes outside their door and St. Nick (not Santa, he's different) places candy and small toys in them. Well here in the German-influenced winter wonderland that is Milawukee, Wisconsin, the tradition continues through giving small gifts to one another.

Now this one I'll actually participate in, unlike Sweetest Day (or Valentine's Day 2 - Electric Boogaloo sponsored by Hallmark). Liz picked me up two cool gifts that I thoguht people would enjoy seeing so here we go. First we have the latest addition to our rubber duck collevtion. How did the rubber duck collection begin, you ask? I honestly don't recall, but it's there. I give you.....Zombie Duck :

Next up we have a set of figures that I saw in Madison a while back and Liz found them right here in Brew City....Mr. Bacon versus Monsieur Tofu:
Now I will tell you that in my house, bacon wins everytime. Flawless Victory :-)

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