Thursday, January 1, 2009

Comic Reviews - 01/01/2009 (and more)

I haven't been to the comic shop in a few weeks due to scheduling issues but my stack wasn't as bad as I thought. Here are the reviews from the books I picked up from the last few weeks. I'm hoping to get back to the shop tomorrow before work and I'll be back on schedule for the week. Click below for the reviews :

Ambush Bug : Year None #5

I continue to love this comic more with each read. What started out as a light-hearted romp through the DC Universe and it's various past titles and events has become a full blown dig at DC Senior VP & Executive Editor Dan Didio. In this issue we have DD attached to the source wall and posing as a foul-mouthed Monitor, complete with All Star Batman and Robin style black bars (as well as a look into the life of a black bar).

Most of these issues have been parodying Countdown so it's nice to see that the "event" has some good use after all. If you've been following DC for the past couple of years, you'll love it and apparently next isue will be digging into Final Crisis. If you haven't been following this, pick it up in trade when it comes out.

Favorite Moment : (Ambush Bug walking through a devastated New York City) What kind of twisted cultural catalyst could trigger the moral rot and eventual collapse of an entire civilization? (He turns his head and sees DC Comics headquarters in ruins) Oh.

Supergirl #36 : New Krypton Part 8

The New Krypton story is really getting to me. I want to like it but they're making it so damned hard. Supergirl is definitely a better comic under Gates and Igle, but do I really care where this story is going? Not really. Do I keep buying these because I'm a sucker and I hate having an incomplete story? Yes. Who knows, maybe this will read better after it's all laid out so I'll leave my final judgement until it's all done.

Wonder Woman #27 : Rise of the Olympian Part 2

Basically in this issue we have the aftermath of Wonder Woman getting her ass quickly handed to her by new uber-villain Genocide. I am definitely loving this book lately, it is very well written, the new villain is bad-ass, and the art is good (a few small art issues aside, referring to Tresser as some random guy in black when he's clearly wearing an all-red outfit, although it's black on the cover). The Amazons are being recalled back to Themyscira after their exile during Amazons Attack and I'm actaully interested in where all of this is headed.

Favorite Moment(s): 1. Genocide puts her fist (and forearm) through Red Tornado's face while calling him Pinocchio. 2. Black Canary after witnessing John Stewart fall to Genocide : "In all my years, I've never heard a Green Lantern scream like that."

Batman 683

Dammit Morrison, every time I defend you for being a great writer you throw some wacky curve ball. I need to re-read the past few issues again and see what some of the online translators are getting from this because I'm kind of lost. Like New Krypton, I want to love this but it's taking alot of research, which I'm fine with but I want to understand what's going on. Maybe all will make sense after Final Crisis #6.

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I actually think I enjoyed Batman with Morrison.
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