Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comic Reviews - Released 01/02/2009 Part 1

It was a big week this week as I finally catchup to current books. Click below for my reviews of Green Lantern #36, Final Crisis : Secret Files, Kick Ass #5 & All Hail Megatron #6. Check back later for Superman #683, JSA #22 & Batman #684.

Green Lantern #36 (Rage of the Red Lanterns Part 2)

It seems like it's been a while since an issue of GL came out, not counting the - ahem - Final Crisis tie-in that was part one of this arc. The book picks up as Atrocitus (I still love that name) and his crimson companions are taunting a now captured Sinestro on their home planet of Ysmault. Sinestro, in his usual Sinestro-esque way, is taunting back as we get to see the true madness and rage that fuels the Red Corps. These scenes are exceptionally well written by Geoff Johns to show just how powerful and uncontrollable the Red Lanterns are as they fight amongst themselves. There is a second appearance by Saint Walker, the first of the Blue Lanterns, who explains a bit more about what the Blues will be up to, and there are some recruiting efforts by Ganthet who is now sponsoring the Blues. The end gives us two "Say What???" moments, one big and one very big, and Johns gives us an oath for the Blue Lanterns which is recited by none other than the Hindu god Ganesha (OK it just looks like him). By the way, thanks to Ivan Reis' stunning art I know want to vacation on the Blue Lantern homeworld of Odym.

Final Crisis : Secret Files

Kind of disappointing but not horrible is how I would describe this book. It basically tells the story of Libra, a character who was originally touted as the big baddie of Final Crisis but has been seemingly kicked to the wayside. We learn how he got his original powers and went up against the Justice League, then we find out how he became Darkseid's prophet on Earth which was kind of interesting. Some quick recaps of Libra in Final Crisis so far, and then we're done. My problem comes in here : the solicits promised a story about how Darkseid's fall through the Multiverse causes continuity ripples and an explanation of the Anti-Life Equation. Hmmmm, no Darkseid falling in my copy and one page of text by Morrison recapping old Anti-Life stories. We also get a page of the Book of Lilith by Greg Rucka, and some more sketches by JG Jones. The book was not worth the $3.99 price tag in my opinion (Green Lantern was $2.99 and FAR more enjoyable) unless, like me, you blindly buy anything with the slowly disintegrating Final Crisis banner.

Kick-Ass #5

This is another book that seems like it had been on hiatus for a while, but the wait was worth it. We finally get introduced to Red Mist, who's identity unfortunately was spoiled back during the initial Kick Ass movie hype. Anyways, I continue to enjoy this real life look at superheroes as Dave has his first official team-up, and they get in over their heads very quickly. Brilliantly written by one of my all time favorites Mark Millar, and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. I'm glad it's back and I'm actually looking forward to the movie whenever it comes out.

All Hail Megatron #6

The defeated Autobots begin to regroup and the triumphant Decepticons start to bicker with one another, great stuff. Starscream heads back to his usual position of nipping at Megatron and we get introduced to a new Autobot named Drift. Picture a mix between Transformers and Gundam Wing who supposedly changes into a Japanese drift car, hence the clever name and wields a sword with deadly efficiency. This leads to one of my favorite sequences in this book : A Decepticon spy is confronted by Drift who stands up straight in front of him and, with a smirk, just says Hello. The spy stares down Drift and hisses at him. THe next panel is exactly the same except that Drift's arm, now holding a sword, has moved across his body and the spy's head clatters to the ground.

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