Sunday, January 4, 2009

Comic Reviews - Released 01/02/2009 Part 2

Part two of this weeks reviews : Superman #683, JSA #22, and Batman #684. CLick below for the reviews....

Superman #683 (New Krypton Part 9)

Superman, Superman, Superman...once again torn between his peeps from Krypton and his Justice League crew. This issue was not half bad and did some work towards restoring my faith in this story. The battle royale between the Kryptonians and Earth's superheroes starts up as Supergirl's mom goes a little crazy. Supergirl does her best to stay on both sides but ends up, violently, choosing sides by the end. There is a great scene where Black Lightning confronts one of the Kryptonians and engages in some quick-witted trash talk, then realizes quicklt that he really isn't sure if he can back it up. Good issue overall with lots of back and forth emotion. I'm looking forward to the next issue which is touted as the "finale of New Krypton and the start of something bigger".

Justice Society of America #22 (Thy Kingdom Come Part 7)

Kind of a "meh" ending to the Kingdom Come story arc as the heroes find out that Gog isn't all he's cracked up to be, Kingdom Come Superman visits the source wall before going home to Kingdom Come land, and we get many pages of a recap of, wait for it.....Kingdom Come. Some people are happy, some are sad, some are indifferent (me) and that's the end of the story that has gone on for a little over half a year. The light at the end of the tunnel : Black Adam next issue!

Batman #684 (Last Days of Gotham Part 2)

This was my second disappointment of the week although I wasn't expecting much after the last issue. I'll keep it quick with this one : the much hyped and anticipated return of Denny O'Neil to Batman was a total bust for me. The story goes nowhere and could have easily just been a fill-in issue or two of Nightwing. Gordon and Bullock lament over where Batman is and whether or not he's coming back, Dick whines about how he's not as good as Bruce, some low level thugs get beat up and Dick talks to some lady....the end. I'm REALLY praying that Gaiman's run is better than this.

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