Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Movie Review : Jumper (2008)

Starring Hayden Christiansen, Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson. Directed by Doug Liman

So, I finally caught Jumper on HBO today and I have to say that I'nm surprised. I heard some good and more so-so reviews. Click below for my thoughts :

So let's start with the obvious : Hayden Christiansen is not the best actor out there. I liked him (stress liked) in Revenge of the Sith and I wasn't a big fan of his in Attack of the Clones. I am pleased to admit that I actually think he did a decent job in this movie.

The basic plot is this : due to a genetic anomaly, a high school student learns that he can teleport hinself (and things he's touching) anywhere he desires. Kid leaves his hometown for New York, starts doing not-so-legal things, and lives the high life for years. A group led by Sam Jackson tracks down those that have this ability and try to stop them.

The film is definitely fast paced and fun, with some great effects for the teleporting (not unlike the BAMF for Nightcrawler in X-Men) and some fun chase and fight sequences. One of my favorites involves stealing a Mercedes from a showroom floor in Tokyo and then racing it through the crowded city streets while teleporting it from lane to lane.

Honestly, the plot is kind of thin. This is, at best, a fun popcorn movie with not a whole lot of substance. I would place it in the same category as The Transporter and Crank...just fun to watch. One enjoyable aspect of the movie, in my opinion, is the way they portray David (Hayden Christiansen) going about his day to day life using his abilities for enjoyment as well as tedious tasks like getting some milk from the refrigerator. I'll probably be picking up on DVD or BluRay to have around for a background movie.

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