Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (01/07/2009)

I didn’t realize that it’s been a while since my last Looking Forward to Wednesday. Maybe because, thanks to Diamond’s monopoly, comics have been releasing on odd days lately. Well, it’s back to Wednesday this week and I have a few to pick up from DC and one other. Click below for the books :

Marvel Comics :


DC Comics :

Detective Comics #852 : Continuing the Catwoman vs. Hush ordeal, plus another cool Faces of Evil cover featuring Hush.

Faces of Evil Grundy #1 : I will probably pick this book up because of Scott Kolins, Geoff Johns, and the Shane Davis cover. I was very impressed with Kolins’ work on Rogue’s Revenge and I’m looking forward to this whole Faces of Evil run.

Secret Six #5 : Great story and great art continue to keep this book on my pull list, and we’re getting near the end so it is really ramping up. Plus, a sweet Deadshot “Faces of Evil” cover to boot.

Other Publishers :

Bomb Queen V5 #5 : I can never get enough of this book. It gets more offensive and wrong with every issue and I love every page and panel. Please, Mr. Robinson, never take Bomb Queen away from us….we need it!

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