Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Show & Tell #2 - Simpsons Figures (Comic Shop)

I’m back, finally, for the second installment of Show & Tell. Originally this was slated to be a weekly thing, but let’s start slowly and do it monthly-ish for now :-)

Click below for a small percentage of my Simpsons action figures, which are currently on display on the North Wall of the Jason and Liz Manger Creative Arts Studio (AKA our second bedroom)

First up, we have everyone’s favorite authority on all things dorky, the Comic Book Guy. This is the second edition of the character with the Worst Episode Ever T-shirt.

Next up we have the CBG’s Fortress of Solitude, the Android’s Dungeon Comic Book Shop. This is where you can find everything from the latest issue of Radioactive Man, to the very rare Mary Worth in which she advises a friend to commit suicide.

Hanging out and looking shady is Dolph and Kearney, two of Springfield’s local bullies who are probably stealing comic books as we speak.

Last but not least, one of my all time favorites, Duffman!! I know he should be with Moe’s Tavern but look at that cape and costume, definitely comic book material there.

I know that last time I said the Lego Batman stuff would be next, but I was just dying to put some Simpsons stuff up. Lego Batman next time!

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