Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comic Reviews - 01/07/2009 (written quick and a little late)

I finally picked up my books from last week and here are some quick reviews. There will be no Looking Forward to Wednesday this week as I’m out of time. But basically…Final Crisis! There, that’s what I’m looking forward to the most :-)

Secret Six #5

I’ll start this one at the end…creepy final page. Junior revealed..and..ugh OK, enough of that. Another solid issue of this series here that focuses on Bane being tortured by Junior (508 bricks, this dude has serious patience), the others get away from the casino ambush and recover from the poisoning at the hands of Cheshire. Then…there’s the last page……ewww

Detective Comics #852

The story here continues immediately after the fallout of the Heart of Hush storyline previously in Detective. For those that missed it, Hush gets plastic surgery to look (sort of ) like Bruce Wayne, he tries to kill Batman, nearly kills Catwoman by removing her heart, then Catwoman teaches him a very harsh (and expensive) lesson. I nthis issue, Hush is about to give it all up after failing to defeat his nemesis when he has a re-awakening and begins to rebuild his lost fortune by impersonating the now-missing Bruce Wayne and bilking Wayne Enterprises for millions. Though by the end, someone has noticed this and is not too happy.

Overall the issue is good. I’m growing to like Dustin Nguyen’s artistic style more with each issue and Paul Dini, as usual, is dead on with the story. There is also a Faces of Evil cover featuring Hush (looking very much like Bruce) wielding his trademark twim pistols and wearing his mother’s green necklace. This 2-parter wraps up in the next issue of Batman and I’m really hoping that they keep Hush around for a while because I really enjoy the character.

Faces of Evil : Solomon Grundy

I feel kind of “meh” about this issue when I feel like I should be loving it. I mean, the pieces are all there : Geoff Johns writing? Check. Scott Kolins art? Check. Sweet Shane Davis cover? Check. The story is mostly setup for the upcoming Grundy miniseries by Scott Kolins and, in a surprising tie-in …Blackest Night. I was a biut confused by some of the issue but I may just have to read it again. I will probably pick up the first issue of the mini just because I’m a Scott Kolins fan now.

Bomb Queen Vol. 5 #5

We’re nearing the end of Volume 5 which is basically Bomb Queen vs. The White Knight from neighboring good-natured Littleville. The Queen “busts” out the big guns, literally, as she steps up into a Bomb Queen mecha robot and begins to lay waste to Littleville. I hate to say it, but there is a moment or two in this issue where even I thought “Wow that’s a bit much” but the book does a great job with the action and dark humor, as well as offending everyone reading it at least once. Can’t wait for the finale next issue!

Later in the week stop back for reviews of Final Crisis #6, the new GI Joe series, and Green Lantern Corps with possibly many more :-)

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