Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comic Book Reviews 3/25/2009 : Part 1

I had a fairly good haul this week with 6 books purchased (2 of which I wasn't planning on). Here are reviews for 2 of those titles (one good, one not so good) with the rest of them to come later in the week. Click below for the reviews :

Justice League of America #31

Damn you JLA, I dropped you months ago and thought this Final Crisis aftermath issue might be what brought me back. You were even drawn by one of my up and coming favorites, Shane Davis. But let’s start with Page ONE, where Zatanna refers to Wonder Woman as Dinah….twice!!! This made zero sense, and Black Canary is shown in the next panels to be in a secret meeting room at this time, so it’s not that she was there but not shown. The rest of the issue does in fact tie up a few Final Crisis points effectively and mostly kicks off Hal’s new upcoming team but JLA, once again, serves as a tie-in book and that’s it.

This title needs to be desperately revamped and house it’s own grand stories involving the best heroes in the DC Universe. Needless to say, JLA will have to do something phenomenal to get back on my regular list.

Oracle : The Cure #1

I was not planning on picking this book up, but after leafing through it at the shop I was very pleasantly surprised. The story is well done and addresses (as does JLA #31) some post-Final Crisis story points such as the lingering Anti-Life Equation and Calculator’s run-in with Darkseid’s lackeys. The book really made me care about Barbara Gordon as she moves back into Gotham City, I assume after wherever she was in Birds of Prey but I never really read that title.

The title “The Cure” suggests that somehow Barbara Gordon will gain the ability to walk again. Honestly, I hope if this does happen that she remains Oracle in some capacity because I think she makes a better Oracle than Batgirl. Based on this issue I will definitely be picking up the other two issues.

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