Thursday, March 26, 2009

Comic Book Reviews 3/25/2009 : Part 2

Here are the rest of the reviews for this week. Click below :

Battle for the Cowl : Commissioner Gordon : Solid issue all around. The art was good, and the interaction between Gordon and Mr. Freeze was interesting. I’m really hoping that the Jason Todd Batman (referenced in this issue) sticks around for a bit, because Todd always gets shafted when they “re-invent” him. The loss of hope is well doen in this issue as Gordon has to come to terms with the fact that Batman may, in fact, be gone for good. The GCPD now has to man up and act like cops again without using Batman as a crutch.

Superman #686 : This “World Without Superman” storyline (where have I heard that title before?) is off to a good start. I was debating whether or not I would continue to get Action Comics, Superman AND World of New Krypton but so far all 3 have turned out to be good stories. This title will be following Mon-El, who is now using the secret ID of Jonathan Kent to be a Science Police officer, and The Guardian who commands the Science Police. Both of these heroes were hand-picked by Supes to take care of Metropolis while he’s on his mission to New Krypton. I honestly never cared for these two characters before but this is a good start.

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #9 : What happened here? I have been loving this story, and this issue is no exception, but there was a jarring artist change on this issue. Previous issues which were drawn by Guido Guidi had a “realism and grittiness” to it that really added to the destruction caused by the Decepticons invasion. This issue jumps to a cartoony style that I feel doesn’t fit the book as well. The story by Shane McCarthy is still fantastic though, updating all of the Transformers : G1 goodness that I remember so fondly. And, as the cover art foretells, guess who's back? Yup..the big guy, the O to tha P, baby.

Wonder Woman #30 : I would consider this book to be DC’s underdog right now. The story involving the replacement of Wonder Woman and the Amazons, and introducing the new villain Genocide has been a slow burn, but a great story so far. Gail Simone’s writing on this one will work better in trade for most people or re-reading all at once but it has kept me coming back every month. The Olympian is finally born, and I'm still confused as to why the Greek gods are dressed like DEVO (I hear Whip It every time one of them is on panel).

GI Joe : Origins #2 : Kind of slow compared to the first issue, but I’m still enjoying the revamp of GI Joe history. Larry Hama keeps it the way I remember it, while updating some of the storyline.

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