Saturday, March 28, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (4/1/2009)

This upcoming week’s reviews may be a bit delayed. Due to some work scheduling I probably won’t be able to pick up comics until Thursday or Friday. I’ll hopefully start posting some reviews over the weekend. On to this week’s anticipated books :

DC Comics

Batman : Battle for the Cowl – Man Bat #1 : So far, so good on these books. I’ve enjoyed the series so far and although I think we all know where it’s going, I’m curious to see where the journey winds through.

Flash Rebirth #1 : Johns and Van Sciver. That’s it. Honestly I am not really a Flash fan but I can’t ignore a book by these two :-)

Justice Society of America #25 : I’m interested to see where this Black Adam arc is going because the beginning wasn’t as great as I was hoping, but I’m a big fan of the character and Geoff Johns so I have hope.

Seaguy : The Slaves of Mickey Eye #1 : I like Morrison so I’m giving this a try on a slow week.

Other Publishers :

GI Joe #4 : This series has been phenomenal so far so here’s hoping for more greatness from one of my favorite childhood elite military teams.

Actually seems like it will be a slow week unless something else really catches my eye. If there aren’t that many books coming out I may pick up the GI Joe / Transformers trade by John Ney Reiber and Jae Lee. It’s set in (if I remember correctly) WWII and was a great read when I borrowed it from a friend a while back. I’ll review it as a trade if I pick it up.

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