Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming Content Update

Thanks to anyone who stuck with me through some scheduling issues in the past few months. Here are some of the features that will be coming soon to this blog:

Guest Reviews : I have tapped my good friend and escaped Canadian Shawn Robinson to start writing some reviews here. Shawn reads more Marvel and Indies than I do so hopefully it will add some diversity to the regular DC reviews from my rather biased pull list.

Russian Roulette Random Reviews (Name still in development) : Either myself or Shawn will randomly grab a book out of our boxes and review that book or story arc, good or bad, old or new.

Comic Roundtable Discussions : Once a month or so at first, We'll be gathering a group of comic afficionados to talk about that month's releases, story arcs or maybe any other special topic that is affecting the world of comics, movies, or just randomness in our lives. Hopefully, once we get the gear in place, we would like to start doing this as a regular podcast or video blog...but we're taking little steps first :-)

I'll be coming back with some Retro Reviews and some Show & Tell articles as well, once I get my action figure debacle in my studio straightened out. Nothing major, there's just honestly too damn many of them and I need to re-do the displays.

So, please keep checking in, comments and suggestions are always welcome!

- Jason

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