Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comic Book Reviews 4/1/2009 : Part 2

Part two of this week’s reviews below. I didn’t get to review Seaguy : The Slaves of Mickey Eye because I haven’t finished the trade paperback of the first story yet….it is, to say the least, odd. And I'm not talking just typical Grant Morrison odd, this is like ....escaped mental patient odd. Polar ice caps covered in chocolate and a floating fish who hates water odd.

Battle for the Cowl : Man-Bat #1
Story by Joe Harris
Art by Jim Calafiore

This book gives me a new respect for Dr. Kirk Langstrom aka Man-Bat as he uses his serum to try and find his wife amidst the chaos that Gotham has become after Batman has disappeared. Not the most thrilling story, but a decent look at a character that I think has been pushed to the side for a long time. The ending even surprises (and terrifies) Langstrom himself as Dr. Phosphorous pushes him past a line that is very dangerous for everyone.

Justice Society of America #26
Story by Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway
Art by Jerry Ordway

I am typically a huge Geoff Johns fan, but what the hell? I am mildly disappointed with this last story arc of the Johns era on JSA. With all of the buildup of Black Adam over the years into an A list character through 52, The Dark Ages, even Countdown….then this? I really and truly hope that DC has some amazing plans for Adam in the future because he is a much more interesting character than they give him credit for. And one last “What the hell?”…Final Crisis Mary Marvel and what was with Billy and the 80s hair band leather outfit? OK, that was two, but the book was filled with WTH moments.

And one last note for Alex Ross : I love your cover work, but would it kill you to at least tie the covers into what actually happens in the book!?!?! This ticked me off during Batman RIP, and now we get a beautiful cover of the Black Marvel family, but this is not at all how Mary looks in the story.

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