Sunday, April 5, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (4/8/2009)

Looks like it’s going to be an all-DC week here at Clever Name Blog (no big surprise there). Six anticipated books, but something else might catch my eye at the shop. Reviews should be on time this week as my schedule is back to normal, for now anyway. Click below for the list :

Most Anticipated Book of the Week :

Green Lantern #39 : Finally! It seems like forever since I’ve had my Green Lantern fix. Seriously, this book is addicting and I’m sure that, come Wednesday, I’ll be in the shop looking very much like Agent Orange on the cover. Mine! Mine! All of the lead-up to Blackest Night has been great and I’m excited to see what artist Phillip Tan will be doing for the GL characters. I loved his art in Final Crisis : Revelations and after seeing his Orange Lantern designs online for the past month or so I can’t wait to see them in full color.

The Rest of the Pull List :

Batman - Battle for the Cowl #2: Absolutely loved the first issue and hopefully we get more into the gun toting Punisher-esque Batman that we all know is Jason Todd. Really DC, can we please keep Jason in a solid niche for at least a little while? I’m working on a quick article about Jason Todd for the blog that will be up soon.

Secret Six #8 : I thought this was a mini, but apparently it’s a monthly, so I’ll pick up the start of the new story arc and see if I decide to keep it on the list. Love the writing by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott’s art is phenomenal.

Solomon Grundy #2 : I wasn’t completely sold on the first issue but I’ll give it the second issue to make up my mind. Not bad but not great so far.

Superman - World of New Krypton #2 : The first issue was impressive and I like where the story is going from some of the advance solicits so I’ll be sticking with this for the near future.

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