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Comic Book Reviews 4/15/2009 : Part 1

A bit of a disappointment this week as somehow I missed two titles I was really looking forward to. Neither All Hail Megatron nor GI Joe:Cobra showed up in my box this, and I looked at the new releases wall so I’m guessing the shop didn’t get them in or something. Anyway, I’ll hopefully be able to grab them next week and review them then. This week I have Action Comics #876, Oracle:The Cure #2, The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft #1 and the much-anticipated Green Lantern Corps #35. I also picked up the second trade collection of Brian K. Vaughn’s Ex Machina, which I’ll be reviewing over the weekend. On to part one of this week’s reviews(which is basically just Green Lantern Corps):

Green Lantern Corps #35
(Emerald Eclipse Part Three)

Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason

After nearly 3 dozen issues in this volume of GL Corps, it remains one of the best titles at DC Comics right now. The team of Tomasi and Gleason are still hitting all the right points and the Prelude to Blackest Night story is flowing fast and tying in to the main Green Lantern book every month. If you’re reading Green Lantern and aren’t reading GL Corps, you are really missing out on some great back-story and some well developed characters. This creative team needs to be on larger high profile books like Justice League or something along those lines.

In this issue, Green Lanterns Sodam Yat and Arisia head to Yat’s home world of Daxam to confront Mongul who has taken over to make it his new base of operations. The scale of Mongul’s occupation is immediately apparent when they get close to the planet and see the coolest Sinestro Corps member yet...a giant cosmic snake literally wrapping itself around the planet and eating satellites. Oh, and after the big fight a few issues back where Mongul silences Arkillo by tearing out his tongue, Arkillo now creepily wears his severed tongue on a cord around his neck as a “reminder”. As if that guy wasn’t scary enough.

Meanwhile on Oa (a little SuperFriends reference there, by the way I just figured out that the narrator from Superfriends was Ted Knight...yeah, Judge Smails from Caddyshack), the rage fueled Red Lantern named Vice continues his rampage in the Sciencells. After he frees some of the Sinestro Corps members, he proceeds to attack and mutilate them as well. The shady Guardian known as Scar frees the captive Sinestro Corps rings and gives the escaped evildoers their weapons back. Kyle and Guy Gardner, along with the remaining GLs that are on Oa, fight back in a very well rendered brawl that just exudes brutality.

Lastly, and most surprising to me, was Sinestro confronting his daughter on his homeworld of Korugar. The revelation of who Sinestro's daughter is came out of left field for me, and maybe I was clearly missing hints, but it was well done in my opinion. This clearly will have repercussions for at least one of the main GLs in this book.

If this whole Sinestro story is going where I think it’s going, then I believe we are very close to seeing Sinestro re-instated into the Green Lantern Corps. This would be a fantastic twist in the story and since he is molding the Corps’ policies from the outside with his actions; it would make perfect sense for him to go back.

More reviews in the next day or two, so check back for the rest :-)

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