Monday, April 20, 2009

Comic Reviews 4/15/2009 : Part 2

Here are the rest of the reviews from last week, a little late. Action Comics #876, Oracle : The Cure #2, and one unexpected purchase : The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft #1. Click below for the reviews:

Action Comics #876
Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Eddy Barrows & Sidney Teles

The Superman titles continue to impress me with their larger New Krypton storyline. Action Comics, after Superman’s departure from Earth, has been focusing on the team of Nightwing and Flamebird. Last issue their identities were revealed to us as Lor Zod (aka Chris Kent) and Thara Ak-Var (Supergirl’s friend from Kandor), and then Ursa showed up to smack them around a bit.

And smack them around she does . This is one of the more violent fights in recent comics, ending with one of my favorite moments from Ursa. She is sooooo batshit crazy, that she (a Kryptonian) actually wields a knife made of Kryptonite. As she slashes and stabs at Flamebird she taunts her: “Do you like my knife? I made it myself. The edge is frangible, leaves fragments behind every time I cut you. It makes me a little sick just holding it…can you imagine what that Kryptonite is doing inside of you?”

Action continues to be a good read, even without Superman. I hope that Greg Rucka hangs around on this title for a bit because I really enjoy his work.

Oracle : The Cure #2
Story by Kevin Vanhook
Art by Julian Lopez & Fernando Pasarin

Calculator continues his quest to cure his daughter Wendy by utilizing the Anti-Life Equation….buwhaaa???? Apparently, if you arrange the equation differently it will grant life, instead of take it away. In the last issue Calculator thought he had it right and tested it on an unsuspecting hacker, whose head exploded, so…..back to the drawing board.

I have a feeling, and I’m getting into prediction mode here, that with one issue left and a subtitle like “The Cure” that the following will happen : Calculator will succeed in rearranging the equation for his own purposes but will test it on Oracle first, curing her paralysis and restoring her ability to walk, and eventually become Batgirl again.

Decent mini-series so far, and the art is impressive.

The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft #1
Story by Marc Carter
Art by Tony Salmons

Since two books I was expecting never showed up, I decided to give this first issue a try. I’m a fan of Lovecraftian stories and creatures so it’s not a big stretch. This book blends some biographical information about Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and some fictional aspects of his own work. Most of the issue is setup, as is expected in a first issue, and I’ll probably be picking up the next installment of this 4 issue story.

The art fits his creepy and dark storytelling style and by the end of the story you see how Lovecraft is starting to break from reality. This is definitely worth checking out if you like older Sci-Fi.

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