Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looking Forward to Wednesday (4/22/2009)

Bigger week than I anticipated this week due to some scheduling mixups with two books. Reviews should be up either tonight or tomorrow, depending on my schedule. Click below for the list:

Most Anticipated Book of the Week :

Transformers : All Hail Megatron #10 :

Since something got messed up with shipping schedules last week, this book will be at my LCS this week. We’re down to the last few issues of this year long event, and what an event it has been! Besides Green Lantern, this has been my favorite book this year. Every issue was action packed and filled with a compelling story.

Now that Optimus Prime has returned, the Autobots have a fighting chance again. But I’m curious to see how much damage the Autobots and humans take in the final battle and if Starscream, as usual, will weasel his way out of responsibility while trying to overthrow his boss.

The Rest of the Pull List :

Kick-Ass #6 : What’s this? A Marvel book, on my list?? Yep. It seems like it’s been forever since the last issue came out and, at this rate, the movie will be out before the next issue. Great book, though.

Battle for the Cowl : Arkham #1 : Know that Arkham has been obliterated, I guess we’ll get some backstory on the worst secured insane asylum in history. I’ve picked up all of the tie-ins so far so why stop now :-)

Detective Comics #853 : Part 2 of the “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” story. I’ll have to go back and read Part 1 since it’s been a while but I definitely enjoyed the beginning. Much better than that Denny O’Neill disappointment before it anyway.

Supergirl #40 : Sterling Gates has, and I still find it weird to say this, made me a fan of Supergirl. This story has been interesting and I’m dying to find out the identity of Superwoman so I’m still on board for this title.

GI Joe : Cobra #2 : Issue one was really good, and now that this title is an ongoing monthly instead of a mini I’m hoping that it continues with great stories from the other side of the GI Joe mythology. Cobraaaaaaaa!

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