Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Impressions - 4/22/2009

I picked up quite a few books yesterday (and 4 of them aren't from DC!), was able to hang out at the shop until closing time and then went out to dinner with my I didn't get to do too much in depth reading yet.

The way I typically read my comics is that I'll give them one quick read and then, before reviewing them, I'll slow down and take a more in-depth look. These are my first impressions to this week's (and some from last week's) books. I'm hoping to add this as my regular Wednesday post-comic shop posting from now on. Click below to continue :

Supergirl #40 : I was hoping that they would reveal Superwoman's idenitity this issue....Was.Not.Expecting.That.

Detective Comics #853 : THAT is how you write a Death of Batman story. Grant Morrison I'm looking in your direction.

Batman : Battle for the Cowl - Arkham Asylum : Not bad, not bad, not bad...I don't understand what just happened on the last page though.

Kick-Ass #6 : Ummm, all I can say is that this does indeed, kick ass.

Ignition City #1 : Not a bad start, worth a second issue purchase.

G.I. Joe : Cobra #2 : I thought Mr. X was Cobra Commander but know I’m confused a little. Still a great beginning to this story though.

All Hail Megatron #10 : Devastator vs. Megatron? Awesome. Starscream tries to usurp Megatron's leadership? Get out, never saw that coming :-)

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