Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Impressions - 4/29/2009

Quite a big week for comics this week, and the unexpected appearance of Blackest Night #0 in my box. I had to do some quick reading to get all of my first reads in before sleep took over. Full reviews tomorrow (Thursday). Click below to continue :

Blackest Night #0 : I cannot WAIT for this story to start in July. Lots more potential Black Lanterns revealed here…and I’m wearing my brand spankin’ new Black Lantern shirt while reading it :-)

Green Lantern #40 : Glomulus is a great alien name. I am loving Hal having an ongoing argument with the Blue Ring, he keeps telling it to shut up.

Justice Society of America #26 : “Haven’t you ever seen superheroes pick out ice cream before?” Excellent.

Superman #687 : Hmmmm…kind of uneventful, I’ll give it another read-through tomorrow.

I’m getting super tired now so I’ll leave Wonder Woman #31, Battle for the Cowl : The Underground and Final Crisis : Legion of Three Worlds #4 until tomorrow.

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